FAQ – Acrylic Bath Repairs Sydney

Australian Acrylic Bath Repairs Sydney provides superior quality acrylic and fibreglass repairs, which are cost-effective and require minimum downtime. Here below are some frequently asked question by our customers regarding our repair services.


Australian Acrylic Bath Repairs Sydney use a “WELDAC” acrylic repair system, which results in maximum strength repairs whilst matching the colour and texture of your bathroom décor. Our acrylic repair system ensures the problem does not occur again.
This depends upon the size of the job and the repair. Usually, after our acrylic repair services have taken place, 24-48 hours should be sufficient to ensure our products have fully set. We recommend applying polish over the repair with a soft non-coloured cloth a few days after the repair.
Our tradesmen are practised in restoring your acrylic surface back to as new or near new condition as possible. Most of work will be undetectable after the repair with the crack or chip completely un-noticeable. It can be a challenging task to conduct repairs in some areas of a near flat acrylic surface. Our technicians have many years of experience and do their best to ensure the repair is as ‘un-noticeable’ as possible but this is dependent on the location of the repair and the size of the repair.
There are many different shades of white. 90% of our repairs are on white or off-white baths, but we do undertake repairs on older baths with colours such as peach or light blue or green.
In most cases we offer a 12 month warranty. There will be some cases where the repair is not warrantable in the case of extensively damaged bath’s or vanities. We may also be unable to offer warranty where the acrylic has separated due to water getting into the bath, shower tray or vanity.
We only repair Acrylic baths, vanities and shower trays. We do not repair metal baths or stone baths. We do not do complete resurfacing.
It is recommended that you wash the feature regularly with a soft cloth and liquid soap polish. A good quality car polish would also prove a benefit.
We do not sell DIY kits and we do not recommend them. We often attend repairs that have been attempted by others. Our trained technicians are experienced in getting your bath and vanity surface back to an as new condition.
It is highly recommended that all cracks, holes and chips are attended to as soon as possible to avoid further problems and greater expense. For example, water damage could extend under the bath and leak through other rooms, which is also a major safety concern for yourself and your family.

Contact Australian Acrylic Repairs Sydney now and let us take care of your acrylic and fibreglass repair requirements with minimum down time.