Do you have a stained bath from your kids hair lice lotion?

Bath Stains from Hair Lice Lotion

Have your children been affected by head lice?  If so, we do not recommend that you soak the bed sheets in the bath in hair lice lotion.  Our repairers receive calls about stains which are caused by hair lice lotion.  

The quality of the bath will have an impact on how badly the hair lice lotion penetrates the acrylic.  A higher quality bath will have a thicker layer of acrylic and will be less affected and likely repairable. We can often determine if the repair can be undertaken by photograph, so feel free to text us with your photo to 0411 722 833.

If we are unsure, our repairers will visit your home and inspect the damage. We will either undertake the repair immediately or alternatively charge a call out fee if we do not believe the repair will be successful.