Now you see it, now you don’t!

Have you had major damage to your bath recently? 

Recently we serviced an apartment where there was a water leak in the plumbing behind the bath which caused major damage to the downstairs apartments of a unit block.

In order to repair the water leak, the plumber cut a 25cm hole in the bath to gain access to the plumbing and re-weld behind the bath – unfortunately the plumber forgot to keep the acrylic piece that he cut out of the bath.
Not to worry, our owner Nick, of Australian Acrylic Repairs cut another replacement and refit it to the location and it is now barely noticeable.

The customer saved having to put in a complete new bath which would have been far more inconvenient for this family than a repair undertaken by Australian Acrylic Repairs.

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Image: An incredible acrylic bath repair completed by Australian Acrylic Repairs.