Things to do before installing your new bath.

Are you a DIY bath installer, or recently had a bath delivered? Things you should do before installing your new bath.

We are commonly called out to repair damaged newly installed acrylic baths, where a chip or crack is found after the plastic is removed. There are many DIY and professional installers who will install their bath, tile around the bath and lastly remove the plastic, only to find the damage.

The suppliers of the bath will unlikely want to know and may blame transport, and/or will want to refer you on to the original supplier. The original supplier, if overseas, may blame the freight forwarder, leaving you with only a few options.

If you are having a bath installed we highly recommend you have the plastic removed in your presence and inspect the bath before it’s installed. Once installed it’s very difficult to send it back.

We’ve heard some horrific stories from our customers. It is always best to remove the plastic fully inspect and deal with chips, and or damage to the corners of the bath before you allow it to be installed or before you take ownership at the shop.

Of course Australian Acrylic Repairs can come and repair your bath, but to avoid our repair charge make sure you inspect your bath before it is installed.

Here’s a example of a clients’ bath:

A bath that was installed, tiled around the edges only to find a chip on the edge of the bath after the plastic was removed as the last step. Australian Acrylic Repairs recommends baths are inspected before installation to avoid extra repair costs.