Does your bath have staining?

Stains in Your Vanity or Bath?

Pouring anything other than water down your vanity or bath drain should be undertaken cautiously.  Our repairers are often called out to repair stains in vanities. 

Depending on the type of fluid and the concentration poured down or mixed in the vanity will determine whether the stain can be repaired.  The quality of the vanity will also have an impact as the acrylic thickness on some lower quality vanities is only a couple of millimeters thick.  

A higher quality vanity will have a thicker layer of acrylic.  It is highly recommended that nothing other than water is poured down the vanity.  But, should you have a stain it may be repairable by Australian Acrylic repairs. Stains caused by Clove oil is one of the most common requests.  Clove oil has many medicinal purposes, but acrylic does not like Clove oil and it will stain.

It’s easy to get in touch with us, simply text your stained vanity or bath to 0411 722 833 and we will be able to assess your repair for you.