What to do if you have a hair line crack in your vanity.

Do you have hair line cracks in your vanity?

Our repairers are frequently called out to repair hair line cracks in vanity units around the waste area.

This is often seen on older houses that do not have heat regulators and therefore very hot water is used.

The cause of these hair line cracks is the constant use of hot water out of the tap and can take many years to occur but will be found in the area where the water hits. They can be avoided by mixing the hot water and cold water together. If our repairs are called out early, these cracks can generally be repaired.

If you have a hair line crack in your vanity, make a booking with one of our friendly repairers by clicking here.

Here’s a before and after photo of a repair on an older vanity unit:

                  Image: An older style vanity sink that had a small hair line crack. Australian Acrylic Repairs can repair these small hair line cracks in your vanity unit.